Handling during rearing "from calf to adult cow" also forms the basis for successful milk yield or growth.

The final behavior of cattle is definitively determined during the rearing period.

So teach the calves from day one that you are the leader, that they must obey you.

It doesn't even take extra time, and you have more manageable animals later on. You work safer and more efficiently and it even saves time!

The photo above shows heifers seeing me for the very first time. The "black" heifer has no respect for strangers.

I am (to her right) level with the shoulder blade. My elbow and arm on her, and she's not responding!

She shows no respect for people. If not corrected, she will push through her “own will”.

The photo above shows in the same cowshed, at the same farm, a "red" heifer.

She immediately responds positively to my body language.

With my hands in my pockets and without a stick (or having to say a word), this animal reacts positively. She does what I want from her calmly and perfectly.