"How do you know that a cow is "in top shape"?

In addition to a vital impression, shiny skin and a bright look in the eyes, cows that are balanced in terms of living comfort and nutrition also have so-called "Happy Lines".



"Happy Lines" are a number of horizontal lines that are more or less clearly visible at the level of the rib cage. 

If you see these lines on the majority of your cattle, this means that the animals are healthy and that the feed ration is appropriate to the needs of the animal at that time. The bacterial composition in the rumen and the rumen function itself are optimal. 

Macro and micro elements, starch and protein meet the needs of the cattle. However, this is no indication that pathogens cannot be present.

"Happy Lines" are just one of many indicators that an individual cow, group or herd, is healthy and balanced in terms of nutrition, vitamins, mineral supply and rumen function.



What do so-called "Happy lines" consist of?

"Happy lines" are subcutaneous accumulations of volatile fatty acids, with a high content of acetic acid and propionic acid, but with a low content of butyric acid. 

These accumulations have their origin in a correct nutritional status and an optimally functioning digestive system. 

If you see these lines in your cattle, then you know that nutrition and digestion are in good order.


Your Cowmunicator,

Ronald Rongen