This group of cattle is experiencing me and the Low Stress Stockmanship method for the first time.

All cattle must pass through a narrow corridor with two fairly sharp turns at the beginning and end of the corridor.


Pay particular attention to the gray cow and her calf at the end of the video! 

According to the cattle farmer, this cow likes to do "her own thing."

Unfortunately, that's often a little different from what the farmer prefers...

By approaching her at the right distance calmly, and with the right "pressure" I can also move this cow with her calf.

The calf misses the entrance to the narrow corridor, but then calmly turns around.


All is under control!

That is Low Stress Stockmanship, you don't have to run and yell, you don't need a stick and everything is very relaxed for both man and livestock.


Your Cowmunicator,

Ronald Rongen