By observing animals and their living environment, you can see exactly what is happening in and around the barn.

“FROM PRACTICE, FOR PRACTICE”, that is my working method.

Especially during the period that the animals are in the cowshed, you can see exactly where the bottlenecks are in the living environment of the animals. You just need to know what to look for in order to see the necessary connections.


For example, a cattle farmer called me with a problem that (in a certain part of the cowshed), the cows are always too close together in a group. Despite the fact that there is enough space in the cowshed.


At another cattle farm, the cows did not want to walk after they had been milked. They stood demonstratively in the milking parlor.


And so I can continue for a while with situations that you encounter in and around the cowshed.


In consultation with both cattle farmers, we examined the situations on the spot with regard to animal behavior and the influence of the environment on this.


The problems on these two farms have been addressed and resolved through small and targeted adjustments.


Do you also encounter strange situations on your farm with regard to animal behavior and/or living environment of your animals?

Please do not hesitate to contact me.

We then look together at how we can tackle this and solve it practically.