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Livestock farmers with cows and other herd animals

The Low Stress Stockmanship method is suitable for anyone who is (in) directly involved with livestock farming. (dairy farmers, beef farmers, cattle transporters, business assistants, hobby farmers, veterinarians, cowshed builders, suppliers of milking systems, compound feed manufacturers, slaughterhouses, hoof care workers, schools, study clubs, A.I. organizations, studbook associations, etc.).


Do you belong to one of these groups or are you interested in Low Stress Stockmanship? Read more here.

Hobby Farmers

Keeping cows or other ruminants as a hobby is great fun.

Correct handling and care of your animals in terms of nutrition and housing not only increases the enjoyment of your hobby, but also animal welfare.


Hobby farmers can contact me for tailor-made advice and practical training in handling, housing, nutrition and breeding.

All this at your home, in your own familiar environment.

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