And that while you as a farmer or slaughterer do not have time!

That's why friendly and manageable animals are so important, they are the key to your success.

You may have been using the same method when handling your livestock for many years.

Have you ever wondered whether things could be done differently and better?


With more than 35 years of experience in veterinary medicine, genetics and ethology (behavioral science), I am happy to work for you.

An easy, efficient, safe and animal-friendly (working) environment for farmer, slaughterer and livestock is my starting point.

Based on practice and made for practice!


My way of working:

Together with you, I review and analyze your specific situation on your farm and company.

The Low Stress Stockmanship method is the starting point for the daily handling of your livestock and farm animals.

A method developed by the American Bud Williams and further refined and researched by Temple Grandin,

professor of "animal-friendly" slaughter methods at Colorado State University.

Thanks to Teagasc, Oak Park, Carlow, R93 XE12

In addition, an analysis follows of how the animals behave in your specific environment. Veterinary aspects are analyzed and advice on genetics is provided on request.


Why do your animals behave in a certain way, how can we change this, (often undesirable) behavior constructively, permanently and efficiently?

These are often the starting points of my assignment with livestock farmers, slaughterers and anyone who keeps farm animals.


 I AM NOT A "COW WHISPERER", i am way too sober for that.

What is important to me is the added value, usefulness and practical applicability of the Low Stress Stockmanship method.

This, along with tailor-made advice in livestock, slaughterhouses and to everyone who handles animals.


Some so-called "cow whisperers" are active in Europe.

One with a lot of theoretical explanation, the other proudly claims to be the very first European to be trained by Bud Williams.

The latter is of course very easy to say and cannot be checked. That is not important to me either.

It is the practical experience that counts!


My approach is therefore different:

Based on practice, and made for practice! Tangible results and knowledge transfer that can be used directly by the livestock farmer, slaughterer or hobby farmer. This in his or her specific situation, tailor-made work.

The Low Stress Stockmanship method is only one link in the long chain to realize an easy, safe, efficient and more animal-friendly handling of cattle and other herd animals.

In addition to the Low Stress Stockmanship method, I therefore look at the request of (and together with) you as a client, also at cowshed equipment or slaughterhouse equipment, environment, nutrition, genetics and ergonomics.

After all, the success of your livestock farm or slaughterhouse is influenced by many factors.


Low Stress Stockmanship Europe:

NOT the first to start with it in Europe, but the first with a total package aimed at your practical situation. So that you can work with your animals efficiently and with pleasure. Sober and without "cow whispering".

Low Stress Stockmanship Europe teaches you how to deal with cattle and other herd animals in a practical and more intelligent way.

Also how you observe their behavior and how you can respond to it conveniently.

With the following result:

An easy, efficient and safe way of working with your animals, more job satisfaction and less stress for humans and animals.


Anyone can learn the Low Stress Stockmanship method, no force is involved, just attention.

The Low Stress Stockmanship method also strengthens the bond between you and your animals.


Curious about what I can do for you?

Please feel free to contact me!

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