A farmer's wife called me with the following issue:

A few months ago the dairy cows on this farm moved to a new cowshed with 3 milking robots.

The cows accept the milking robots well with an average of 2.7 milkings per day.

Yet the farmers have the impression that in the new cowshed the cows are much more anxious.

Various advisors gave well-meant advice , but the problem still remains.


During my following farm visit, I saw new, bright yellow coveralls with a black company logo on it...  

Without having seen a single cow, the problem of " anxious cows " was crystal clear to me. 

The bright yellow clothing actually scares cows, especially in combination with the color black.

If used properly, you can use this knowledge daily in the cowshed when moving your cattle efficiently.


And for the critical reader...: 

The yellow cow brush, as well as yellow straw, do not scare cattle. 

The (new) yellow cow brush is only yellow for a very short time, after that it is already dirty!


Your Cowmunicator,

Ronald Rongen