The dairy farmer turns on the light in the barn, the animals become alert and wait for what is to come. 

Light prevents surprises; after all, you can see what is going on.


Yet bovine experience light completely differently than we do.

With regard to the ability to adapt between light and dark, these animals need 5 times more time than humans.

And with regard to the ability to perceive movement, the eye of a bovine reacts 7 times slower than the eye of a human being.


Have you also noticed that animals walk from dark to light much easier than the other way around? 

This fact can benefit you as a livestock farmer. 

For example, when loading, moving (or milking dairy) cows.

As far as I am concerned, this kind of professional knowledge is part of basic Low Stress Stockmanship!


If your cows walk into the milking parlor more easily than they walk out, I advise you to look at the environment with different eyes! 

With the above explanation in mind. 

Guaranteed to get you results.

If you know how animals perceive their environment, you can (manage) them easier than you think.