It's always great to be a guest on livestock farms that effectively put your advice on Low Stress Stockmanship into practice.

During a dairy farmers seminar, (mid-October, in the south of Germany), we noticed that the dairy farm where the seminar took place used yellow/black signal tape when herding cows, calves and young stock.


The dairy farmer had previously read my explanation around color perception by cattle. 

(Cattle and most herd animals, often perceive a black/yellow color as a warning color, and therefore avoid places with this color combination).

He decided to put it to the test and is still amazed and very pleased with the results.


Low Stress Stockmanship is not "cow whispering," and it is more than just herding cattle.

It is the ability to see and understand how (farm) animals behave. 

It is the ability to ask yourself the question "why do they behave the way they do," and this "why" both, in a positive and negative sense.


During my seminars for both, cattle and pig farmers, I highlight this in theory and practice.

And that it works in practice was something all participants could experience firsthand in southern Germany.