Low Stress Stockmanship in the slaughterhouse


Animals deserve respectful treatment from their birth to their end of life

Slaughterhouses are increasingly in the spotlight.

The call from society for permanent camera surveillance during the slaughter process is becoming louder. 


There is an intention from the meat industry to invest more in information, education, monitoring, advice and on-site training of its slaughterhouse employees.


Low Stress Stockmanship Europe supports this initiative to optimize the slaughter process, educate personnel (involved in the slaughter of animals in the slaughterhouse) and make them aware that animals are not "things or utensils" but living beings with feelings and perceptions.


LSSE's focus is on cooperation with all levels in and around the slaughterhouse in order to achieve the most stress-free handling possible for animals to be slaughtered.

A respectful, animal-friendly and low-stress treatment of the animals in the slaughterhouse is my starting point.


Ronald Rongen


I am not a member of any animal rights organization, 

I have no connection or any form of cooperation with so-called "pig whisperers or cow whisperers".

Source text and photos Ronald Rongen