If cattle and other herd animals don't do what you want

A good livestock farmer always remains calm when dealing with his or her animals.

Yelling, wild movements and screaming do not work.

Calm well directed and clear rectilinear moves, however, do work!

The livestock understand your "directing" and directional movements, and respond appropriately.



"Hesitant movements, followed by hectic, or moving in a curve around the herd or individual animal", these are exactly the working methods of a predator.

Therefore, the livestock see you as a predator, and react accordingly!

Patience is always the best working method. Your animals really do not care that it is getting late for you.

It's for this reason that I always says "working slowly with livestock, goes faster".  You just have to understand it.

Once you understand and master the principle of Low Stress Stockmanship, you can usually work more efficiently, more safely and in a more animal-friendly way.

But realize that if you make your cattle do something they are not ready for, or that they don't understand, there can be no Low Stress Stockmanship and there can be no low stress working.


Source text Ronald Rongen, photo Marga Fogtphoto (Blog): Nicole Beuwer-Roeven