Low Stress Stockmanship Europe participated in the BARTA 2024 conference at the School of Veterinary Medicine in Glasgow, Scotland

12 -14 June 2024

The BARTA Conference 2024 was held at the University of Glasgow in Scotland.

The conference was particularly aimed at national and international emergency services, veterinary and animal welfare professionals, emergency responders and anyone charged with rescuing animals in crisis.


As many as 13 countries were represented at the conference.

Topics included Animal Rescue / Trauma Care / Community Resilience / Role of the Volunteer / Wildlife Response / Climate Change / Mass Casualty Triage / Small Animal Emergency Care / Large Animal Lifting / Flooding and Water Response / Post Incident Learning / Pre Veterinary Immediate Care / Medical Challenges In Fire and Flood / Creating a Community of Practice,  were discussed.



Whether it was a cow that fell into the manure pit, a horse stuck in the horsebox or a livestock truck involved in a traffic accident.

All of these issues were discussed in detail.

There was even an entire day of discussion on the issues of  large fires, waterlogging and flooding.

Unsurprisingly, these issues are of global concern, which became painfully clear at the conference.


Pictured on the left: Jim Greene, BARTA Director of Operations, on the right: Ronald Rongen, LSSE


LSSE and BARTA are working intensively together to educate and train emergency responders as well as anyone working with horses and/or (large) farm animals.

This is necessary..., do you know exactly what to do in case of an emergency with your horse, cattle or pigs? 


This unique conference will continue to inspire excellence in animal rescue!

Source photos: Neil Rae (BARTA