Low Stress Stockmanship in practice, it amazes even a cow hoof trimmer...

For me, Low Stress Stockmanship means respectful, animal friendly and animal welfare based handling.

This is the key message in my frequent seminars and practical training sessions all over Europe.

By looking at the animal's environment from its perspective, both the positive and the "opportunities for improvement" become apparent.

This gives you a better understanding of why animals sometimes react differently than you may wish or expect!


For example, the visit of the cow hoof trimmer, it is always exciting for the farmer and his cattle.

And especially when they are suckler cows too...



Not for Andreas and Marga Fogt, they work with their cattle on the right wavelength.

They therefore know how their cows react in certain situations and also why.


The cow hoof trimmer had never experienced anything like this before, such willing and calm (horned) suckler cows!



The photo below says it all, for me the photo of the year 2024


Source text Ronald Rongen, photos: Marga Fogt