Do you ever experience traffic jams in the cow barn?

Cows are herd animals with a clear hierarchy                                       

Low-ranking animals must (especially in the barn), constantly avoid confrontations with higher-ranking animals in a timely manner.

They should therefore have an easy "escape lane".

This "escape lane" in the barn is determined, among other things, by layout, width of corridors, number of passageways and the presence or absence of dead-end corridors.


The ideal passageway behind the feed barrier is at least 3.20 meters wide.

Still, wider corridors are my preference. At 3.50 meters, two animals can pass each other without any problem, even if one animal is at the feed barrier. The width of the passageway between two rows of cubicles is ideally also at least 3.50 meters.

This encourages a smooth walk-through.


People dislike a dead end, cows dislike it even more!

An "unavoidable dead end" in the barn should be at least 2.60 meters wide in order to reduce agitation and stress.


Source text Ronald Rongen, photo: Marga Fogt